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Good Sponsor Mentored Nanoclass

Good Sponsor Mentored Nanoclass


Product Information

The Good Sponsor Mentored Nanoclass is a structured program managed by professional mentor/professor. The lessons are designed to help you create good sponsor habits and to maximize retention of the skill subjects.  Every lesson is designed for action and observation and builds on the previous lesson.  Throughout the three months of these very small lessons, the professor/mentor will guide, mentor, and inspire you to become a great project sponsor or champion. The nanoclass is largely online but also offers constant oversight, feedback, and guidance from a qualified mentor/professor. The Nanoclass includes: The Good Sponsor book, a Good Sponsor Appraisal, an 84-lesson nanoclass, and a certificate of completion.   (Please see our video for an overview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baJ8ERozPsg.)

The benefits of the Good Sponsor Mentored Nanoclass are:

  • Acquisition of good sponsor habits
  • High retention of project sponsor skills
  • Life-Long Learning Credits
  • Confidence in your ability to sponsor projects
  • Special coaching is available