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Value Optimization Service

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Value Optimization Service: The Standish Group, in partnership with the Antwerp Management School, is currently offering a course on our Value Optimization Services Program. The program is delivered by students under the auspices of the Antwerp Management School and supervised by The Standish Group. Our program results in a closed-loop system of continuous self-reflection and improvement:

1.     Employee Training and Development: Preparing your team to perform the ongoing data collection, analysis, and development of recommendations that deliver continuous improvement to the participating organization.

2.     Environmental Skills Benchmark: The environmental assessment results in a certified benchmark for use as a baseline against which to measure organizational-level advancements/improvements.

3.     Resolution Benchmarks: The profiled closed projects are entered into the CHAOS database, which moves the environmental benchmark score up or down, resulting in a new baseline.

4.     New Start Projects: New projects are profiled and optimized using “course corrections” or adjustments that are indicated by the performance of the closed projects.

5.     Optimization: The participating organization’s maturity level is reexamined and analyzed as improvements are put into place. Your improvement process is continually refined and repeated.

This new approach is a continuous project improvement program without changing or conflicting with any other ongoing program.  

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