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The Good Team Book and Appraisal

The Good Team Book and Appraisal


Product Information

The Good Mate Book provides you with advice, insights, and practical approaches to become the best team members you can be. Why is that important? As the complexity around us has increased, teams provide a mechanism for each of us teammates to meet the needs of our customers and society. Teams meet individual needs, as teams provide enriching social interactions and fulfillment from relevance and contribution.  The book covers 10 principles and 50 skills to be a good teammate.

The Good Team Appraisal is a self-administered assessment that follow the Good Mate’s 10 principles and 50 skills. The assessment is completely online and private.  The assessment will ask about the Team’s emotional skills over the 50-abilities and 10 principles needed to be a good team.  Once completed the appraisal system will generate a score and provide a benchmark against other project delivery teams.  A Standish Advisor will review the assessment and generate a custom 5-page report with the results tailored for you.   The report will show:

  • Scores by Major Attribute
  • Benchmark by Major Attribute
  • Three suggestions for score improvement with the highest gain
  • Three suggestions for the easiest tasks for score improvement
  • Concrete advice and resource identification on skills improvement