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The Good Sponsor Package

The Good Sponsor Package


Product Information

The Good Sponsor Book and Appraisal Package includes 1 copy of The Good Sponsor and a online appraisal. The Good Sponsor book is guide for being a good sponsor. The Good Sponsor Appraisal is a self-administered assessment. The assessment is completely online and private. The project sponsor is the single most important person involved with a project and ultimately responsible for its success or failure. The CHAOS database consistently shows project improvement and success is dependent on the skills of the project sponsor. The larger and more complex the project the greater the difference between success and failure by the skills of executive or project sponsor. For example, greater than fifty percent of successful very large complex projects had a highly skilled project sponsor. On the other hand, over sixty percent of failed very large complex projects had a moderate to poorly skilled project sponsor.  The book is 240 pages.  In the assessment will ask your sponsor about their skills over the 50-abilities and 10 major attributes needed to be a good sponsor.  Once completed the appraisal system will generate a score and provide a benchmark report against other project sponsors.  The assessment will generate a 5-page report with the results for the sponsor.  

The report will show:

•  Scores by Major Attribute

•  Benchmark by Major Attribute

•  Three suggestions for score improvement with the highest gain

•  Three suggestions for the easiest tasks for score improvement

Concrete advice and resource identification on skills improvement