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Good Sponsor Crash Course

Good Sponsor Crash Course


Product Information

Good Sponsor Crash Course: is designed to improve the skills of the project sponsor. The course is a rapid structured program managed by a professional mentor/professor. This mentored workout is optimized to present the most important material in the shortest amount of time. The workout is accomplished in 12-lessons at your pace.  Each of the 12 lessons is accomplished in 3-steps

  • Step 1: One-hour lesson;
  • Step 2: 10-hour observation period, feedback;
  • Step 3: 15-minute conversation with your mentor. 

Each of the 12 one-hour lessonsstarts with a microblog, 10-minute video, book chapter, The idea of the course is to will help you measure your skills and abilities against the Standish yardstick. Once completed, the appraisal system will generate a score and provide a 5-page benchmark report for you against other sponsors. The first and last lesson includes the appraisal and benchmark. The course will help you understand the principles and skills of a good sponsor and how you stack up. The benefits of the Good Sponsor Crash Courseare: 

  • Increase project success and reduced failures
  • 3 suggestions for maximize your improvement
  • Constant skills improvement
  • Understanding the principles and skills of a good sponsor

The course will take a minimum of 1 hour and half per day over 12 days (estimated 20 hours).