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The Good Sponsor Trial Nanoclass

The Good Sponsor Trial Nanoclass


Product Information

The Good Sponsor Trial Nanoclass includes: The Good Sponsor book, a Good Sponsor Appraisal, and a 7-day, 7-lesson trial nanoclass.  The nanoclass is largely online, but also offers oversight from a qualified graduate university professor or equivalent. (Please see our video for an overview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baJ8ERozPsg.) It is designed to quickly and easily educate the student about the skills and habits needed to be a good project sponsor.   The professor will help guide you to get the most out of the class based on assessment and feedback, and will also suggest resources to improve your skills and habits.  The benefits of The Good Sponsor Trial Nanoclass are: 

  • An assessment of your current skill level and principle 
  • Methods to help improve your sponsoring skills
  • Concrete advice on skills improvement and identification of resources for doing so