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Good Sponsor Rapid Mentored Workout

Good Sponsor Rapid Mentored Workout


Product Information

The Good Sponsor is a rapid structured program managed by a professional mentor/professor. This mentored workout is optimized to present the most important material in the shortest amount of time. The workout is accomplished in 12-lessons over two weeks.  Each lesson is about an hour effort, starting with a microblog, 10-minute video, book chapter, observation period, feedback, and a15-minute conversation with your mentor. At the end, your mentor will review your final assessment and help guide you to resources and exercises to improve your skills and habits. The Nanoclass includes: The Good Sponsor book, a Good Sponsor Appraisal, a 12-lesson nanoclass, and a certificate of completion.   (Please see our video for an overview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baJ8ERozPsg

The benefits of the Good Sponsor Rapid Mentored Workout are:

  • Acquisition of good sponsor skills
  • Improved retention of project sponsor skills
  • Life-Long Learning Credits
  • Confidence in your ability to sponsor projects
  • Special coaching is available