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The Good Mate Workshop

The Good Mate Workshop


Product Information

The Good Mate Workshop is a one-day event to be help in Burlington, MA on April 5, 2019. The event includes presentations and talks from Ken SchwaberJim Johnson, and Evan Sorensen. Each participant in the workshop will also receive a free copy of The Good Mate Book,a Good Mate Benchmark & Assessment, and a Life-long Learner Certificate. The focus of the Good Mate Workshop is on how individual team mates can develop better relationship skills for cohesive, productive, and happier teams. 

 In this interactive session we will explore:

·           10 Relationship Principles

·           50 Mechanical Relationship Skills & Habits

·           Benchmarking Your Relationship Skills

·           3 Skills You Should Improve

·           Charts from the CHAOS Database

If you want to be more influential with your work mates and help make team projects more successful then come to our Good Mate Workshop. 

Note: The Good Mate Workshop is sponsored by Scrum.org