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Virtual Success Ladder Benchmark

Virtual Success Ladder Benchmark


Product Information

The Virtual Success Ladder Benchmark is an easy way to predict and assess the critical elements of an individual project to improve the chance of your project providing value to the organization. You will learn from a Virtual Success Ladder Benchmark engagement the individual project success rate with a similar project.  The Standish Group will perform your single project assessments using all virtual technology and using our Success Ladder Benchmark. Our unique Success Ladder Benchmark uses the six steps to review the new software project by narrowing and modifying the pool of projects from our database of 50,000 in-depth project cases.

  • Step 1 Basic Actuary Pool
  • Step 2 Size Actuary Pool
  • Step 3 Complexity Actuary Pool
  • Step 4 Good Place Behavior modification
  • Step 5 Good Team Behavior modification
  • Step 6 Good Sponsor Behavior modification

The Standish Group is the only organization that can improve your decision process, reduce your decision time, and improve your project value through the means of a statically relevant process.